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3 kms from Kunjal towards the North, it’s where you will sight the most delightful Mahisha Mardhini Temple in Neelavara. One would be surprised to know that it been believed that Alupas, Hoysala, Vijaya Nagara rulers held religious rituals in this place. Mahisha Mardhini Temple in Neelavara is an ancient temple and thousands of devotees are influenced by this temple over religious matters and for the kind of all out concern and devotion shown to the Goddess from its legions of devotees all over the world.

The stone inscriptions available here establish the antiquity of the temple. The 4 handed statue of the Goddess Mahisha Mardhini is found with chakra in the left hand, slitting open the throat of Mahishasura with the sphere in the hand. Moreover, the goddess is found stamping Mahishasura with the right leg. Dr. Gururaj Bhat, the illustrious historian of Karnataka maintained that the statue to have belonged to the 10th C.

Historicity establishes that the Alupas who ruled long here had made Udyavara to be their capital. The inscription issued by Veerapandyas in 1258, feb. 24 throws much light over the fact that there was a fair distribution of the revenue generated in this village those days.


Neelavara is a beautiful place located at a distance of 18 Km from Udupi near Brahmavara in Udupi district. Neelavara lies on the banks of River Sita. This place is a holy place for devotees worshiping Goddess Mahishamardini, Lord Ganapathy, Lord Subrahmanya,Lord Veerabhabra and Lord Kalkuda.


  • The annual festival “Maha Rathotsava” held at this temple on Chaitra Pournami.
  • Every year Shree Kalkuda daiva kola on the month of March.
  • Navarathri festival.

The inscriptions found in the vicinities of Neelavara also establish that the Hoysalas ruled in 1333 A.D.. Neelavara then name which came to be called the present Neelavara.
Grama Sabha ( Village Council) offered land access to Durga Bhagavathi Temple, it is learnt. An inscription of 1344A.D. of Kulashekara, the ruling King then has reference to donations made to Durga Bhagavathi.
During the rule of the Vijaya Nagara which came to power after the Alupas, Neelavara was a religious and cultural centre, a hub of cultural activities, it is learnt. Several inscriptions found in the vicinities of Neelavara establish the antiquity of the temple to this effect.
Powerful Gods like Lord Veera Bhadra, Kalkuda attract devotees from nook and corners and a good number of festivals are held here with great fanfare.
Taking into account the age old great traditions of this historic place, the Management Committee of the Mahisha Mardhini Temple of Neelavara strives hard for the all round development of other temple. What is quite heartening is that quite interestingly devotees from far and wide evince keen interest in the activities of the temple since they seem to cherish the ethnicity of the place and the temple so also that they hold the values of the temple in high esteem. Considering all these external manifestations of the faith of the devotees all over it has been wished that the temple could endear further more and attract devotees in much larger numbers from far and wide and continue to contribute to its glorious traditions maintained.

President Managing Committee

Sri N.Raghuram Madhyastha

Executive Officer of Managing Committee

Prashanth Shetty

Managing Committee Members

Pradhana Archaka

Sri Sudhir Kumar Shetty

Sri Ramesh Poojary

Smt. Hema V.Basri

Sri Sadashiva Devadiga

Smt.Mallika S. Shetty

Sri Ramesh Naik

Sri Surendra Suvarna


Sl.No. Name of the Bank Place S.B A/C No. IFSC Code
1 Corporation Bank Kunjal 297600101000001 CORP0002976
2 Vijaya Bank Bramhavara 103701010010779 VIJB0001037
3 Syndicate Bank Kurady 02102200000398 SYNB0000210


Those who wish to donate towards construction of “Anna Chathra” please donate to the following account:


Sl.No. Name of the Bank Place S.B A/C No. IFSC Code
1 Corporation Bank Kunjal 297600101004000 CORP0002976


Sl.No. Name of the Bank Place S.B A/C No. IFSC Code
1 Corporation Bank Kunjal 297600101004000 CORP0002976
2 Syndicate Bank Bramhavara 01122200076760 SYNB0000112


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